Poppy Ajudha Shows Us She's A 'Strong Womxn'

The name Poppy Ajudha might not be familiar to you right now, but it's one that's been involved in some of our favorite projects through the years. The singer keeps that momentum going with the release of her latest visual, "Strong Womxn."

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"'Strong Womxn' is a song about womanhood and the ways in which we mold ourselves around the worlds expectations, we build ourselves up as pillars of strength because it can feel like the only way we’re able rise above the injustices we face every day," she said in a statement. "But this takes its toll, and in the moments of chaos, when we fight with our minds, support networks are so important." The track, which she released at the beginning of last month, reflects this as it celebrates all the women fighting the good fight. "Strong woman / 'Cause they told you you can't be / To take a bullet / And to fight your ability / To shrink yourself," she sings on the chorus over the eclectic-yet-soulful production.

For the song's video, Poppy becomes every woman, from vamp to tomboy and every aspect in between. The quarantine may have limited her ability to fully flesh out the concept, but she soldiers on amid a backdrop of pink, gauzy fabric as she settles into the myriad roles of women everywhere. No matter who she's portraying, she exudes a confidence and self-assured air that jumps through the screen.

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You can peep the quarantine video for "Strong Womxn" right here and follow Poppy Ajudha on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep up with what else the talented artist has going on.

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