Lianne La Havas Finds Art In Isolation In ‘Paper Thin’

Ah, the quarantine video. Many artists with records to promote during this unique time in history have had to get very creative when releasing promotional visuals. Some have taken the FaceTime approach, others have made the best use of the spaces made available to them and some have even gone animated. Singer Lianne La Havas, who will be dropping her self-titled third album this July, also reached into her artistic bag when it came time to make a video for her latest single “Paper Thin.”

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The entirety of the video is shot in a grainy, hazy way that makes it look like it was filmed in 1970 and not 2020. Rather than go for a straightforward narrative or a simple performance piece, Lianne opts to go with a clip that reminds us of an art installation. It begins with her hula-hooping in slow motion to the song’s languid guitar melody. From there, the clip moves to other artistic images — including a flower in flames, Lianne staring plaintively in the distance, her running in a field and her shadow while she walks in nature. The hodgepodge of images works in carrying the song’s mood and keeping us visually interested while listening. And Lianne also smartly rewards us for taking time with her heart by offering a first listen to another new track, “Out Of Your Mind (Interlude),” at the video’s close.

We definitely appreciate Lianne La Havas working within her constraints to still give us something artful during this most unusual and uncertain period. We also can’t wait to get our hands on the new album when it arrives on July 17th.

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