Gabriel Garzón-Montano Reintroduces Himself With ‘Someone’

2017 marked a milestone for Gabriel Garzón-Montano when he dropped his debut studio album Jardín. The singer-songwriter had already made a splash (and our Bounce-Worthy list) with his EP Bishouné and the album proved that he was musician to watch. Now Gabriel is gearing up to release his sophomore effort on new label home Jagjaguwar and is kicking off his next era with single “Someone.”

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We first got a taste of the lovelorn track when the artist made a splash with it and two other new joints during an appearance on COLORS. The song really blooms hearing it in full, however. He weaves a tale about an on-again-off-again relationship’s trajectory, at times seeming as if he’s moved on and at others expressing pain in the fact that she moved on. The visual, directed by Anita Fontaine, covers this ground in an artful way. We see Gabriel in various avant-garde fits as he sits in front a curtain of pink. As he moves across the screen in contemporary dance-like fashion, we see the silhouette of a woman in the gauzy distance. She eventually comes through and joins him in dance, although they never physically appear together in the same frame in order to illustrate the distance between them. The video ends with Gabriel falling to his knees and then to the ground as things tear away to black.

Gabriel Garzón-Montano hasn’t shared when exactly we can get our hands on his new project. Based on what he’s offered, though, we don’t think we need to worry about the quality he’ll be bringing. Check out the video for “Someone” here and then pick up the track for your own collection.

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