Brandy Reveals 'B7' Album Cover & Release Date And Delivers 'Baby Mama' For 'Good Morning America'

Everybody say Brandy! The 41-year-old star is coming back in a big way and making sure that her upcoming album has the biggest push it can get. To that effect, she's been making the media rounds with her latest single, "Baby Mama," and giving all the interviews she can. She took a break from the media blitz, however, to offer us a peek at the album's cover and finally give us the set's release date.

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First, you can see the gorgeous album art above. It's a picture of Brandy reimagining herself in the vein of Cleopatra with her signature braids dripping with bronze beads. The style frames her lovely face (which has been beaten within an inch of its life thanks to whatever makeup magician Miss Norwood enlisted for the task), further solidifying the regal look. B-Rocka also made fans dreams come true by letting us know that the album will be heating up our summer when it arrives on July 31st.

In addition to her media duties, Brandy also called in to Good Morning America this week to offer a quarantine performance of "Baby Mama." While not the same as the live performance that we would've gotten, Brandy made it work with a pre-recorded set featuring her and her dancers getting down to the track from the comfort of their own homes. The industry vet didn't disappoint, though, making sure to give us a show with multiple camera shots and even a cameo from Chance The Rapper (which looked like it was probably filmed from the video's set).

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We don't know about y'all, but we're very excited about Brandy's new era. Get into her GMA performance right here and mark your calendars for B7.

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