Boyz II Men Are 'Love Struck' After Appearing On 'Songland'

Boyz II Men have been getting their flowers recently and a lot of gigs. The "Motownphilly" singers have been booked, busy and blessed for the majority of 2020. So far this year, they've performed in the GRAMMY tribute to Kobe Bryant, sung a Mother’s Day tribute on Saturday Night Live with Babyface and flexed on New Kids On The Block’s fun new single “House Party.” The Boyz are showing no signs of falling back, appearing on NBC's songwriter competition show Songland and walking away with a great song.

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Written by contestant ChrisLee and produced by panelist Ester Dean, “Love Struck” is a contemporary pop bop about falling head over heels for someone who is unavailable – except in the bedroom. Set against a Spanish guitar lick, the fellas harmonize and obsess over someone else’s girls. The song is short and sweet, clocking in at just over two minutes, and it's a new feel from the group, sounding unlike any of their previous work but nonetheless sounding good. In short: they still got it.

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