Benny Sings Offers A Soundtrack For A 'Sunny Afternoon'

Just before all hell broke loose in March, Benny Sings offered his last single, "Music," which was another smooth slice of soul from his extensive catalog. It looks like the Dutch musician has plenty more where that came from, though. In fact, he recently released his newest single "Sunny Afternoon" for our listening pleasure.

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"Sunny Afternoon" is a special moment because it finds Benny collaborating with yet another one of our faves, PJ Morton. PJ co-wrote the track alongside Benny, fusing elements from the two musicians' unique styles together. "Sunny Afternoon" features the yacht-rock swing we've become accustomed to hearing from a Benny Sings record along with a warm bass line and tinkling keys, which all create a happy-go-lucky feeling. The arrangement, however, belies a slight melancholy that can be found in the song's lyrics. He seems to be missing his lady and wishes she would bring the warmth back to his life. "It's a sunny afternoon, but I need you here / I'm nothing without you," he sings on the chorus. "It's a sunny afternoon, but I'm freezing here / I'll be coming back real soon."

"I wrote this song with PJ Morton and his band when they were in Amsterdam," Benny said in a statement. "We’ve been talking ever since the MySpace age, and this was the first time we actually met in real life, which resulted in this song. At first, it seems maybe too happy-go-lucky for these times, but if you listen closely it’s actually more fitting than you think."

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You can check out "Sunny Afternoon" below and, if you're digging it, you can pick up your own copy via Bandcamp.

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