Applejac Dips Into His Vault & Offers Something New With ‘The Social Distancing Remixes, Vol. 2’

For those of us who aren’t physically affected by COVID-19, the mental strain of social distancing and staying indoors has been its own challenge. That is why we’re thankful for the creatives who’ve kept us sane through the art of moving and grooving. But we have to show extra love to our fam Applejac – out there wearing dual hats as an essential worker on the frontlines and a music maker that provides much-needed distraction.

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The DJ/producer was one of the first to get the indoor parties started with The Social Distancing Remixes. Now he continues the good vibes with follow-up project, The Social Distancing Remixes, Vol. 2. Similar to the first installment, Applejac provides 10 tracks that will stay on our playlists long after quarantine. However, this compilation includes some familiar jams from his vault including remixes of Stacy Epps, Eric Roberson featuring Chubb Rock and Robert Glasper Experiment featuring KING. He also flips his own work with a 2020 update of Laura Mvula‘s “Green Garden.” Don’t worry, there’s also plenty of newness in store as the remixer tweaks Chantae Cann, Avery*Sunshine, Ghostface Killah, Prodigy and more.

“As an essential worker (EMS), I can truly say it’s STILL real out here and FAR from over. Continue to wash your hands, sanitize, and practice social distancing should you need to venture out,” Applejac warns. “That being said, here’s vol. 2 of The Social Distancing Remixes. Mostly new stuff, but a few oldies but goodies from my (soon to be defunct) SoundCloud page as well. Enjoy…”

Heed Applejac’s words and download The Social Distancing Remixes, Vol. 2 via Bandcamp today.

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