Usher, Lil Jon & Ludacris Team Up Once Again On ‘SexBeat’

Usher has been in the news as of late due to some misguided comments made by The Weeknd (who claimed that Ursh bit his sound on his 2012 single “Climax”…as if). Instead of going back and forth, Usher has instead offered a few classy jabs and rightfully taken advantage of the free publicity. That’s why he went ahead and dropped some unexpected heat on fans at midnight with the release of his third collaboration with Ludacris and Lil Jon simply titled “SexBeat.”

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Tuned-in listeners might realize that “SexBeat” is the track that Lil Jon previewed during his battle of the beats with T-Pain. However, it doesn’t start like the producer’s typical productions. Romantic piano swells at the beginning, lulling us into thinking that this is gonna be a slow jam. When the drums kick in though, any thought of that happening immediately dissipates. Instead, we get snaps, thumping bass and stammering hi-hats that give the track Jon’s signature ATL sound. Luda then hops in with a freaky-deaky verse to kick things off properly. That just leaves Ursh to come on the track and seduce. He does just that by crooning more than his fair share of come-ons. “Listen, this ain’t no regular occasion, nah / This ain’t no test in keeping patient / So you don’t need to keep me waiting, waiting,” he sings on his first verse. “Your body language I’m translating, translating / I’m tryna hear it all from your head to your heart / Yeah, tryna steal your soul, how much deeper can I go?”

We’re sure more than a few Usher fans are turned on and possibly even turned out after getting an earful of this seductive number. The question remains, however, if this is a one-night stand or the foreplay before we get the much-anticipated Confessions II. That remains to be seen. However, the trio has given us quite the soundtrack for our nighttime maneuvers. Check it out for yourself when you press play.

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