The Ladies Of Her Songs Take Us To ‘Toronto’ On New EP

It’s no secret that when a group of talented women joins forces, amazing things happen. As evidenced by super-chick collective Her Songs, amazing music may also be created. Comprised of Dani Murcia, Emily C. Browning, Emmavie, Marie Dahlstrøm and The Naked Eye, these ladies have banded together once again for a new 4-track EP entitled Toronto, Vol. 1.

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This latest release follows their 2018 debut EP Los Angeles and was recorded in just four days. The project not only showcases the unique contributions of each of the five uber-talented artists, but it also encompasses just a few of the many moods of the feminine mind. The uptempo party groove “4AM Disco” kicks things off on a high note and details the thoughts one might have after someone sexy piques their interest. “If We Try,” written by Dahlstrøm and Emmavie, takes a softer approach in recounting the effort required in maintaining a relationship. For “I Wonder,” the quintet chose to keep the instrumentation to a minimum and address our current state from a future perspective. In a statement, the group says, “’I Wonder’ came about after a dinner table conversation on climate change, sharing our worries about what the future looks like for generations to come. It’s difficult to write political lyrics without preaching, so instead, we focused on the perspective of youth and curiosity in 50 years’ time, looking back and wondering what it was like to fly in an airplane and see the ocean from the sky.” The project ends with the soothing and standout track about uncertainty in a relationship, aptly entitled “Unknown.”

Toronto, Vol. 1 shows the remarkable range of Her Songs, with each member’s presence shining through. Word on the street is that this is only the first taste of music resulting from their singer/songwriter camp last year. We’re already looking forward to hearing more tunes from this talented girl gang. Give Her Songs’ Toronto, Vol. 1 EP a spin below, and add the project to your collection from your choice of digital platforms.

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