Radiant Children Have Their Heads In The Clouds On ‘Sky Mind’

With everything going on in the world right now, we wouldn’t blame you for trying to stay afloat with all the heavy thoughts in your head. What might help is taking a short three minutes to clear your mind. Bounce-Worthy group Radiant Children might be able to help you do that with the release of their latest single “Sky Mind.”

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“Sky Mind” is a breezy slice of soul crafted to help all of us let go of the thoughts that are plaguing us. Members Tyler Acord and Marco Bernardis craft an airy soundscape based around a simple guitar riff, adding a sticky bass line and uncomplicated drums to create a feeling of floating away. While the fellas have laced the track something lovely, it’s singer Fabienne Holloway who really makes things soar. She offers verses with letting go in mind. “Sky mind / Watching thoughts come & go / Like clouds that I could see through, yeah,” she sings on the verse. “I never thought I’d get this far / Blue is the warmest color / When your head is clear.” She also celebrates truly knowing and sitting with oneself, singing, “I know who I am / It’s beautiful that I don’t wanna change it.” The song closes with a nod to meditation as Fabienne encourages us to “take it back to the breath” as we ease into the space between the thoughts rushing through our minds.

“Sky Mind” is the first single that Radiant Children has dropped since their five-song EP Tryin’ back in August 2018. Hopefully this means that the band has more newness to come in 2020. Until they’re ready to share more, prepare yourself to let it all go as you take a listen to their latest.

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