Ledisi Unearths Something ‘Very Special’ With Chester Gregory From Her Vault

Artists are trying their best to keep us entertained while we’re stuck indoors. DJs are spinning, legends are battling (or at least attempting to) and some artists are even digging into their vaults to give us never-before-heard recordings to help us enjoy our forced time at home. Ledisi had some time to dig and she happened to unearth an unreleased gem in her search, offering up a cover of Debra Laws‘ classic “Very Special” that she did with friend Chester Gregory way back in the way back of 2009.

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If you like R&B, then you are no doubt familiar with the original, which has gone on to be remade and sampled ad infinitum. Though producer Chief Xcel changes up the production a tad, updating it for the 2000s, Led and Chester do the original justice. They don’t stray too far from the source material, with Ledisi tapping into her higher register and Chester keeping it grounded with his slightly raspy lower timbre. Covering such a ubiquitous song can be very hard to pull off, especially one that is etched in the minds of listeners. However, the twosome attack it with seasoned confidence and even take a few liberties as they play within its structure to make interesting vocal choices to add to the whole affair.

We’re very happy that Ledisi gave us this unexpected blast from her past, even as she’s moving forward with her new single “Anything For You” and possibly more new music to come. Check out her and Chester Gregory giving you something very special when you press play.

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