Ego Ella May Offers Portraits Of Humanity In ‘How Long ‘Til We’re Home’

The journey to Ego Ella May‘s debut album Honey For Wounds has been a slow simmer rather than a quick boil. She’s teased the set with a few recent singles, including “Girls Don’t Always Sing About Boys” and “How Long ‘Til We’re Home,” and she’s more than content to keep us guessing on when exactly the set will arrive. She isn’t leaving us hanging completely, though, as she’s offering up tidbits like the official video for “How Long ‘Til We’re Home” for us to enjoy.

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Though the song may be about feeling isolated in the world around her, Ego Ella May actually makes the video a very inclusive affair. She offers images of people of all races, creeds and orientations, placing them in beautifully shot frames soundtracked by the moody and moving track. These moving portraits are intercut with archival footage and clips of the singer taking a walk in quiet solitude in London. With its focus on people and community (not to mention breathtaking shots of landscapes and the city itself), the video manages to evoke a picture of both community and loneliness. If you’ve ever gotten lost in a large city or felt stuck between worlds, it might just be a concept with which you’re familiar.

As we mentioned, Ego Ella May has yet to reveal the release date for Honey For Wounds. She has, however, moved the date of her live show (where she’ll be exclusively performing tracks from the project) back to October 22nd due to the current global situation. Might we suggest that you take a peek at the clip below and then make sure you’re in the number for the show by purchasing your tickets for the event here.

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