SoulBounce Exclusive: It's A 'Lovely Day' For Bee Boisseau & Eric Roberson With Their Bill Withers' Cover

Many of us around the world are under lock and key, afraid to go outside of our homes or have any human contact during this global coronavirus pandemic. While we fear the unseen danger of COVID-19, we try to stay as safe and as sane as we can during these uncertain times. Something that has helped us with the latter has been music. It has been the balm to our weary souls, and artists are the healers we didn't know that we needed. Enter Bee Boisseau and Eric Roberson with a cover of Bill Withers' classic song "Lovely Day" that is needed now more than ever, and SoulBounce is excited to debut it in an exclusive world premiere.

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Boisseau (pronounced "boy-so") and SoulBounce fam Erro deliver a remake of "Lovely Day" unlike any you've heard before. Produced by Bee, he stripped away the familiar music from the original, creating a completely new and different soundbed and vocal arrangement. "This was a very fun record to create and produce," Bee tells us about the track's formation. "I came up with the groove and then the lyrics to his classic song just jumped into my mind," he shares about his a-ha moment. "It was almost as if the spirit of Bill Withers commanded me to do this record!"

We're glad that Bee listened to that command and that he's delivered this soulful, modern take on the song. He kicks the track off on the first verse with his vocals processed through a vocoder before Roberson smoothly slides through on the chorus. The pair trade vocal duties throughout the song, with Bee handling the verses and Erro taking over on the chorus and contributing a few ad-libs. Together they've created a cover that complements the original yet stands alone as its own work of art.

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Bee Boisseau is the newest signee to Raheem DeVaughn's label, DeVaughn Multimedia Group (DMG), and he's busy at work on his forthcoming debut album, Back To Love. In addition to Raheem and Eric, the project will feature YahZarah and Skillz and will showcase more of the Richmond, Virginia native's "jazz-soul-hop" sound. Trust and believe that you'll want to keep your eyes and ears our for the release of Back To Love later this year. Stay abreast of any album developments and where you can hear Bee Boisseau perform around the DMV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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