SiR Shows Us His Relationship Drama In ‘You Can’t Save Me’

In real life, SiR is a happily married man. On wax, however, the singer-songwriter has all the relationship drama that he can imagine. He proved just that on his recent effort Chasing Summer — which features cuts like “That’s Why I Love You,” “New Sky” and “John Redcorn.” He’s been fairly consistent with giving us visuals from the album and he continues that with his latest for “You Can’t Save Me.”

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The video stays pretty consistent with the song’s theme. We see SiR in a loving and caring relationship with his lady. We also see his girl meet his homegirl (that’s important information you should file in the back of your mind), played by fellow artist Tiffany Gouché. Over the course of the video, we see loving images of the couple. We also see images of SiR not being exactly a model boyfriend, including him getting lapdances from strippers and even sneaking another girl around behind his lady’s back. Mid-video, the other shoe drops and he discovers that his girl and his homegirl have been getting together behind his back. We then fast forward two years later and SiR and his brother D Smoke are sitting together in the audience as his former girl and homegirl are now tying the knot. It seems that the singer is over it, as he’s even singing at the wedding. Looks can be deceiving, though, and a brief moment at the close of the video lets us know that things might still be a bit complicated between the them.

SiR’s video game for Chasing Summer has been on point and, at this rate, we’re pretty sure we’re going to might get a visual for each track. We’ll keep watching to see if that’s the case. In the meantime, get into the melodrama in the video for “You Can’t Save Me” right here.

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