Rob Milton Offers Musical Escape With ‘Run Away’ & Drops Some ‘Fire’ With Jacque Hammond

He’s done it again, y’all! Our SoulBounce family Rob Milton has consistently given us something to listen to, talk about and sing the praises of for more than a few years now. Just when we were winding down from having Cousin Vol. 1 on repeat, Rob steps away from the group for a sec to give us more solo material with the double release of “Run Away” and “Fire (Demo).”

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“Run Away” is a mellow-yet-futuristic slice of soul, which was produced by drewtherew and co-written by Rob and Kori James. It’s laced with a thick, slightly ominous synth bassline that’s made to rattle speakers. Balancing that out are spacy atmospheric synths and electronic drums that hit with a pleasing thump. Rob, meanwhile, rides the beat like a pro as he suggests a lover’s escape from the world and all its worries. He paints pictures of getting lost on the beach and beautiful sunsets while ignoring the incessant buzz of the world outside, a romantic notion we can all surely be down for.

For “Fire,” Rob strips things back alongside fellow singer Jacque Hammond. The two come together for a simple duet backed only by acoustic guitar. Their two voices mingle together as they set up a push-and-pull love story. *You can’t always love me tomorrow / I won’t always be in your way,” they sing in harmony on the bridge. “My love can’t be broken or borrowed / What do you say?” They then decide to ignite their explosive kind of love right here and right now over the simmering acoustic arrangement.

We’ve come to expect quality when we hear new music is coming from Rob Milton, and our boy has yet to disappoint. Get into his latest right here, and be sure to pick up your own copy of the double single here.

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