Little Dragon & Kali Uchis Soothe Our Blues With ‘Are You Feeling Sad?’

The gloom of winter is finally breaking and the promise of spring is just on the horizon. So, of course, our thoughts are moving toward a happier place. Still, if you can’t shake off the grey and the blues, Little Dragon and Kali Uchis have dropped their new single “Are You Feeling Sad?” which might be the remedy you need.

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“Are You Feeling Sad?” is a burst of joy from the very beginning. They start off with a chorus of child-like la-la-las set over zooming bass and whimsical instrumentation. If that wasn’t enough to draw you in, though, the syncopated rhythm that follows and the reassuring promise of “no worries” definitely will. Despite its title and soothing lyrics about overcoming the blues, “Are You Feeling Sad?” is a dance song at heart and the rhythm will get you tapping your feet and maybe even cutting a step or two during its short runtime. Kali Uchis — who seems to be popping up everywhere these days — is also a welcome addition as her voice and Yukimi Nagano‘s play very well together.

We don’t know about you guys, but we can already imagine the trippy video that Little Dragon and Kali Uchis are going to cook up for this one. Give the happy-go-lucky track a spin and then tell us just how weird and fun you think the visual will be. Oh, and be sure to keep a look out for Little Dragon’s New Me, Same Us, which will include their recent track “Hold On,” to drop on March 27th and pick up tickets to the band’s 2020 tour now.

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