Dinah Jane Is Ready For A Rendezvous On ‘1501’

Ever since Camilla Cabello took off on her own solo path, the race has been on to see which of the other Fifth Harmony ladies will be the next to top the charts on the solo tip. While each of them definitely has the talent, Dinah Jane has been making a strong case with singles like “Heard It All Before” and “Bottled Up.” She’s back to make her mark on 2020 in a sexy way with the release of her latest single, “1501.”

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In her case, “1501” is a hotel room number. And once you hear the track, you’ll never want to forget it. Dinah gets straight to business right from the jump. “Boy you want that ooh na na / Ring me when you come through / No need for no suit no tie,” she sings on the opening verse while promising that her loving’s so good you’ll be running back for more. Scoring her boasts and playful sexual banter is production from M-Phazes, who walks the fine line between sexy and headnod-worthy thanks to stabs of synth, throbbing 808s and percolating programmed drums that keep this bedroom track jamming.

Think you want to pay a visit to Room 1501? Listen to the track below and then stick around to see the song’s lyric video. You can also pick up the latest from Dinah Jane from your digital retailer of choice.

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