Dee-1 Adds Some Bounce To Our Quarantine Playlist With ‘Corona Clap’

The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered in a new way of life for businesses and employees all over the world. But the music industry hasn’t just been affected, it’s been infected as well…figuratively speaking, that is. “Corona” parodies are popping up in every genre from rock (i.e. Chris Mann‘s take on The Knack‘s “My Sharona”) to gospel (i.e., Will Johnson‘s flip of John P. Kee‘s “Clap Your Hands”). Our girl JoJo even reworked her own hit “Leave (Get Out)” to reflect the current times. But some artists have been inspired to create original content as well – like Dee-1 and his catchy tune “Corona Clap.”

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The Crescent City rapper is known for his #MissionVision brand, spreading positivity, engaging in social activism and proudly reppin’ his hometown. “Corona Clap” mixes it all together, giving us a N’awlins bounce track filled with comedic, truth-filled verses and an infectious (no pun intended) clap. In addition to giving shout-outs to countries across the globe, Dee touches on everything, including the suspended NBA season, toilet paper shortage, church closings and distance learning. Self-quarantine hasn’t killed his hustle, though, as he advertises, “got hand sani-tizzle on deck, and I’m selling squirts.”

While you’re sure to chuckle throughout the humorous Daniel IV-directed music video, Dee-1 is taking this pandemic threat very seriously. The clip ends with footage of a press conference by New Orleans mayor LaToya Cantrell, and Dee himself admonishes everyone to “Be safe…stay inside.” Get into the “Corona Clap” craze by joining the #CoronaClapChallenge, or simply watching the video below. And please show your support of this independent artist by downloading a copy of the song.

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