Applejac Spends His Time Wisely & Drops ‘The Social Distancing Remixes’

The accelerating pandemic and subsequent global quarantines have forced some people to get creative with their social distancing tactics. Singing from balconies and misguided TikTok attempts aside, there are also plenty of folks who have used the time to keep doing what they do. In this time of crisis, our fam and DJ/producer extraordinaire Applejac has come through once again with a bomb collection entitled The Social Distancing Remixes – 10 tracks of beat-knocking awesomeness featuring flips of The Notorious B.I.G., Erykah Badu, Jay-Z, OutKast, Stephanie Mills and more.

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The project was announced with a note of encouragement from the beatmaker himself, stating, “I know we’re all trying to navigate these most recent challenges, but I also know a great many of us are taking this ‘downtime’ to get back into our various zones creatively. That being said, I spent the past weekend during this “self-quarantine” period, working on remixes, mostly using the new Low Hiss SP-1200i (trust me, this thing is the TRUTH!!!). Humble appreciation for your support in advance. Enjoy…”

Well, you heard the man! Download The Social Distancing Remixes via Bandcamp to enjoy this killer addition to your quarantine playlist. As an extra incentive to support independent artists, Bandcamp is waiving their service fees TODAY ONLY, so that your favorite music makers receive 100% of the proceeds from our purchases.

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