Amber Mark Gives Us Quite The Show In 'Generous'

Amber Mark is feeling a bit sexy these days, it seems. Back in January, the singer dropped her steamy single "Generous," which is about her returning the favor to a very giving lover. Now she's back with an equally steamy video that is the stuff of fantasies.

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The video takes on an air of old-school glamour and sexuality — perhaps inspired by the song's generous (ha!) sample of Henry Mancini's "Lujon." Amber plays the epitome of an old Hollywood pinup girl with wavy tresses, corseted barely-there outfits and highly suggestive dance routines. Through it all, she keeps up the sexual energy as she vamps and teases while somehow still keeping a good girl veneer just above her freaky-deaky surface.

"'Generous' is an introduction to a new realm of energy I’ve been working off of for some time now" Amber said of the new song. "It expresses a side of myself I hinted at in my most recent EP Conexão. Working with Julian Bunetta, I had been wanting to sample Henry Mancini for a very long time. So happy we were able to make a song that feels both sensual and elegant. Perfect for the strip club or afternoon tea, get you a song that can do both hunty!"

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We couldn't agree more. Allow Amber Mark to turn you on (and possibly out) with her sophisticated sex appeal when you watch "Generous" right here.

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