Victoria Monét Shares A Sensual ‘Moment’ In The Motherland & Announces New Album ‘Jaguar’

Victoria Monét is having a “Moment” and we’re not mad. The GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter has been working hard in the music industry, most notably penning songs for bestie Ariana Grande, while still putting out her own music. But now she’s stepping into her own spotlight, and people are paying more attention. With all eyes on her, Victoria is preparing to release her new album Jaguar this spring. In anticipation of the album, she has released a visual for “Moment” that’s just as hot and heavy as the single.

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According to Monét , the video for “Moment” is a “whimsical black fantasy shot on South African soil. If you’re into imaginative explorations of lust this video is for you.” Victoria and her leading man, played by IG model John Gaines, Jr., make the Earth move – literally – with their lovemaking in front of director Valentin Petit‘s camera.

The impressive visual starts with the lovers embracing in their home, giving their parakeets a show. The couple is then transported into the wilds of the African plains, with the lovers touching and rubbing amongst the trees and brush. In another scene, they dip their toes in the warm waters of the ocean. With each touch, the lovers are transported nowhere and everywhere, as their hearts, minds and bodies become one. But there is a twist to this runaway romance, as Victoria reveals herself to be a mythical figure akin to Bilquis the Queen of Sheba, and her lover finds himself caught up in the moment and joining many before him who’ve found the same fate.

Victoria Monét has released four EPs since 2014, but 2020’s Jaguar will mark the singer’s official debut album. Monét shared that the name of the album came from realizing she shared similarities with the jungle cat: “I found [it in] the way that they camouflage – they’re always there… people would look for them but can’t find them. I feel like them in the way I’ve been in the music industry for a really long time…but not always seen, … was waiting for someone to validate and affirm that I belong and that I should do this next thing. Like the Jaguar, I feel like now is just my time to be the hunter. I know what I want.”

She will share the cover art, tracklist and release date for the album as the release gets closer. Until then, we can follow Victoria Monét’s moves as one of Apple Music’s Up Next Artists. Watch the trailer for Victoria Monét: Up Next after you spend a sensual “Moment” with Vic and her handsome co-star right here.

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