Sy Smith Sends Us A Visual Postcard From Tanzania In ‘Camelot’

A few months ago, Sy Smith and her husband Shawn Carter Peterson took a much-needed break and went on vacation to Tanzania. Sy shared a few photos from her trip on social media and had us catching the vapors from the stunning scenery and all the gorgeous looks that she served while in the East African nation. We thought that the trip was a now memory only to be revisited on the occasional Throwback Thursday, but Sy does us one better and delivers a recap of her travels in the music video for her single “Camelot.”

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Sy revisits the track from her album Sometimes A Rose Will Grow In Concrete and flips the notion of the love interest at the heart of the song from a person into a place for the visual. With Tanzania as her playground, she says that she decided to, “relocate the idea of Camelot from what is normally considered (a medieval castle-like fortress associated with a legendary King Arthur somewhere in old Great Britain) to a REAL place.” With her filmmaker hubby Shawn on board as director and an iPhone 10 in hand, we see Sy in various locations as they toured the country. Sy and Shawn take us from Zanzibar’s white-sand beaches to the tranquil Jozani Forest to exciting safaris in Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park.

Our leading lady Sy is as breathtaking as her surroundings, and she exudes a joy, happiness and serenity throughout this video that is contagious. Her always beautiful vocals on “Camelot” are simply the cherry on top. Enjoy Sy Smith’s visual postcard from Tanzania and join us in hoping she takes us with her on vacation again.

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