SoulBounce Exclusive: Tom Bailey Gets Funky On 'Phone Number'

It's been a few years since we inducted singer-songwriter-musician Tom Bailey into our Bounce-Worthy club. The multi-talented artist has lived up to our hype and continues to delight with each release. In the past few months, he's been rather prolific, dropping the tracks "Gone," "Octobre" and "Daydream." He brings his hot streak into 2020 with "Phone Number," his first single of the decade and his latest SoulBounce exclusive world premiere.

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On "Phone Number," Bailey gets funky and flirty as he sings to a woman who he wants to know a lot better. He cuts to the chase from the first verse. "Little mama, whatʼs your name? / How you doing? / Baby, whatʼs your aim?" he asks her over synths, programmed drums and guitar strains that sound straight outta Prince's Minneapolis in the early-'80s. His innocent questions soon turn into bold declarations. "Tell me, baby, what you looking for / Cuz Iʼm on my knees and a begging for more / You looking so good in that tight black dress / All I can think about is how Iʼma get you undressed," he sings, clearly trying to get more than her digits. In an age of sliding in the DMs and swiping left/right on dating apps, Tom refreshingly takes it back to basics and the good old days of meeting someone and wanting to talk to them on the phone.

“This song was inspired by my love for '80s RnB/funk music. I love the sound of those records and the energy they had!" Tom shared with us about where he found the inspiration for this track. "It just makes you want to get up and dance!” Indeed it does, and you may find yourself doing an old school dance when you press play.

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Tom Bailey's "Phone Number" will be officially released tomorrow, but you can get an advance listen right here.

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