SoulBounce Exclusive: Siaira Shawn Offers A Different Vision Of Love In ‘WOLF’

We’ve been diggin’ on singer-songwriter Siaira Shawn ever since she popped up on our radar with her cut “Islands.” Since then, she’s kept us listening with the September release of her EP Tender, which has been getting plenty of spin. We appreciate the way that Siaira flexes her pen and that she unabashedly represents the queer community in her lyrics and visuals. Speaking of visuals, we’re lucky enough to have a special treat for you in the form of an exclusive premiere of the video for Tender track “WOLF.”

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“WOLF” is a pretty frank and honest song which finds Siaira letting a friend with benefits know exactly what it is and what it ain’t. While that may sound harsh, Siaira delivers the information nice and easy and allows her buddy the option to choose if she wants to embark on this particular journey. In the Alexis Casson-directed video, we see Siaira leave a friend asleep on the couch while sending her a text to lock up the house when she leaves. From there, she’s off to meet with another homie-lover-friend to spend a lovely day in the sunshine. However, scenes of the girl she left behind at home making herself comfortable make it seem as if an awkward situation is about to go down when Siaira and her new friend arrive at the house. Expectations are quickly averted, though, as the three link and carry on like the best of friends. Just when you think everything is A-OK, an unexpected plot twist takes things in a much darker direction. We’re not going to spoil what happens, but we will say that there most definitely needs to be a continuation to this narrative.

Check out our exclusive premiere of “WOLF” below and make sure to pick up Tender from your digital retailer of choice. As well, keep up with the goings on of Siaira Shawn via Twitter and Instagram.

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