Loren Oden Wants That Old Thing Back On ‘Is There A Way’

As part of his Los Angeles-based Linear Labs label, producer Adrian Younge continues his rollout of exceptional artists. First shared with the masses as part of the masterful collective The Midnight Hour, co-founded by Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Loren Oden is ready to branch out on his own with his single “Is There A Way.”

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“Is There A Way” is a steamy snippet of Oden’s immense talent, leaving fans craving more. The intimate track tells the tale of a man seeking to start over upon reuniting with a former lover. It all feels like a dream with its fluttering percussion, orchestral arrangement and Loren’s flirty falsetto serving as the perfect complement. He describes the song as one about “love, romance, and true happiness with a person that you feel soulmate status with.” He explains, “It’s a simple melody taking the listener on a journey with me in my quest to rekindle love’s first spark. It’s that spark that sets everything in motion, and breathes life back into a failing love.”

Just before teasing fans with an Instagram video of him just “practicing,” he released the accompanying video, which is every bit as sensual as the single. The Adrian Younge-directed visual features tender yet tasteful moments between Loren and his lady adorned in nothing more than a warm, hazy brown hue. The passion between the two is palpable and, though we feel as if we’ve disrupted their very private moment, Loren’s occasional lusty gaze towards the camera keeps us from turning away. Overall, the video is a beautiful display of affection, perfect for the month of love’s holiday and beyond.

With this gorgeous single and its striking visuals, we can’t wait to see what else is to come in the lead up to Loren Oden’s debut album My Heart, My Love, which is set to drop on May 1st. Loren says the project is “specifically written for the sophisticated, grown and sexy lovers out there, with the material delving into the guarded emotions we feel so deeply but try to avoid.” It sounds like he plans to take us through a musical journey of feels, as he further describes the album as an “amalgamation of my life in love: the ups, the downs, the good, the bad and the heartbreak.”

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