Justine Skye Lets Us In On Her Process In ‘MAYBE (Deconstructed)’

Justine Skye stepped her game up last summer with the release of her EP Bare With Me. The six-track set showed a different side of the singer than what we’d become accustomed to and proved that the talented songstress had much more to give. That was especially true of the EP’s lead single “Maybe,” a smooth, sultry R&B cut that dripped with sex appeal and charm. Now she’s presenting the track in a brand new way with her latest video “MAYBE (Deconstructed).”

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As the title of the video suggests, it deconstructs what we know the song as, offering a stripped-back version for our listening pleasure. While not exactly acoustic (a drum machine is used in the process of recreating the track), it’s a more raw version than what was produced in studio — something that allows Justine’s voice to actually sit front and center instead of being obscured by layers of production. What makes the video even more interesting, though, is that it opens up a bit of Justine’s process. We see her shuffling around a space, lit spliff in hand, as she hums a few notes and jots lyrics in a notebook. Seeing how she approaches the creative side of things only makes the finished work seem all the more captivating.

It remains to be seen if other songs from Bare With Me will get the “deconstructed” treatment. We definitely hope so as it’s allowed us to see Justine Skye in a completely different light.

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