dvsn Shares An Intimate Moment With ‘A Muse’

The Muses were the nine Greek goddesses of the arts and sciences, known to bless men and women with the creative spirit. This title is also shared by those things that inspire people to create art, like beautiful women. The latter is the subject of Quiet Storm maestros, dvsn latest single “A Muse.” There’s also a bit of wordplay going on here as the duo is probably very much “amused” or entertained by the ladies in their lives. The panty dropper is dedicated to the women who make them feel some kind of way, and by proxy, make us feel some kind of way. And from the dancing on display in their new video for the track, we can see just why they felt so inspired.

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Directed by Andrew Hamilton, the concept for the “A Muse” video is simple yet beautiful and romantic. Singer Daniel Daley surprises his leading lady, played by model and singer Kreesha Turner, with a private concert in an abandoned warehouse. It’s just him, her, a bottle of champagne, a pair of handcuffs, a grand piano and lots and lots of candles. He leads her to the piano but instead of sitting down next to him, she climbs on top and starts dropping it low in her skimpy dress and heels. Turner’s provocative moves make the sample of “Garden of Peace” feel much sexier than Lonnie Liston Smith ever dreamed. And just when things start to get a little too hot, rain comes pouring down, making things extra steamy between the two lovers.

“A Muse” comes from dvsn’s upcoming untitled sophomore album. The track follows up previous singles, “No Crying in the Club” featuring Future and host of other singles and loosies the group shared over the course of 2019. We were expecting to get the album in February, but with the month of love almost over, we’re thinking it’ll drop closer to spring. Whenever dvsn decide to bless us with it, we’ll be ready and waiting.

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