TJ Jackson Is On The Road To Letting Go In ‘I Don’t Deserve This’

Now that 2020 is upon us, we’re ready to get a listen to all the new music coming our way. That includes Obsession, the forthcoming EP from TJ Jackson. Back in November, he dropped the second single from the set, “I Don’t Deserve This,” along with the announcement that he expected the EP to arrive sometime this month. We wondered if the track would also get the video treatment and, if so, what it would look like. Our questions have been answered now that the visual for the track is officially here.

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The clip begins with TJ Jackson driving around in his convertible while visions of his alluring ex appear all around. The following day, he hits the road on a trip to the desert with flowers filling up his backseat. It’s not exactly clear at first what’s going on as he sings. But when he gets out of the car with a shovel and a bag, things come more clearly into focus. It seems that TJ went there to perform a ritual signaling the death of the toxic relationship. After digging a hole, he places trinkets and keepsakes from the relationship into the hole and lights a book on fire before also tossing that in and walking away. A bit dramatic, perhaps, but when you’ve got to let something go, sometimes you have to bring a bit of drama into the process.

TJ Jackson hasn’t given a solid release date for his Obsession just yet, but with January nearing a close, we’re sure an announcement of some kind is on its way. In the meantime, you can enjoy the clip for “I Don’t Deserve This” when you push play.

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