Missy Elliott Goes Back In Time In 'Why I Still Love You'

Last year Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott finally released her long awaited new project, ICONOLOGY. The short but sweet 5-track EP was a welcome return to the sound that inspired generations. Along with her music, the star is also known for her amazing videos and she has delivered more visual fire with this project. The latest video for “Why I Still Love You” goes in a different direction than the fish-eyed lenses, Mega Man-inspired outfits, doll houses and other zany and crazy ideas of her past, but it is no less iconic. In fact, it shows the icon taking inspiration from icons who came before her.

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“Why I Still Love You” is a bit of a throwback track, where the MC puts on her songstress hat, giving us a smoky, blues-inspired, doo-wop-pop-pop tune where she ponders why she’s giving a no-good negro her time and energy. The video takes inspiration from the song's throwback sound and takes the viewer through a little time travel from the 1960s to today.

For the video, we return to the Hall of Missy from the “Throw It Back” video, where the young girl dressed like a mini-Missy is marveling at the legacy of the living legend. Like Teyana Taylor in the previous clip, the video features another special guest and frequent collaborator, Monica, who tells the girl that she don’t know nuthin’ ‘bout Missy and explains how her momma’s momma’s momma loved Missy, transitioning to a flashback. From there, we follow Missy and The Demeanors through the ages as a ‘60s girl group, ‘70s soul sistas and ‘80s punk band, with the familiar tune resonating through generations. There are a few comedic turns and even more fly outfits. And, just when you think the story is over, there’s a twist at the end, followed by those ever-cryptic words, “To Be Continued.” Does Missy plan to release a video for every song on ICONOLOGY? We wouldn't be the least bit mad if so.

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In addition to dropping this new video, Missy took some time yesterday to throw some shine on the legacy of her late friend Aaliyah on her 41st birthday. The diva tweeted, "#HappyBDayAaliyah you are still inspiring people! Your edgyness & smooth dancing SO EFFORTLESS your UNIQUENESS & STYLE unmatched. MUSICALLY your songs will 4EVER be NEXT LEVEL! RIP babygal 4Ever Loved." Join us in pouring some out for Aaliyah's memory and giving flowers to Missy while she’s here by watching "Why I Still Love You" and continuing to show love to this icon.

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