Marie Dahlstrom & Jeremy Passion Take A Look At Relationships 'Through Your Eyes'

Based on the amplitude and superbness of Marie Dahlstrom's catalog throughout the last decade, it's almost impossible to believe that she has yet to release a full-length album. Thankfully, this will soon be remedied when the Bounce-Worthy Dane premieres her long-awaited debut later this year. She began teasing the project last month and continues to whet our appetites with her latest offering, "Through Your Eyes."

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The R&B track is a sincere, piano-driven ballad that reunites Dahlstrom with singer-songwriter Jeremy Passion. Though they are singing about the complexities of relationships, their voices are perfectly in tandem throughout the DanDiggas production. There's no finger-pointing, just two people committed to making love last as they sing, "There are times we won't agree / You won't understand what's going through my mind /  You see things that I can't see / I will try, help me see it through your eyes."

The artists initially began writing on the song back in 2014, but according to Marie, "...we never found the right time to return to the song, until now, and we finished it remotely earlier this year. The lyrical theme of the song was important to us, in order to convey the right emotions." Jeremy expounds on the song's theme, saying it "ultimately revolves around the power of empathy. The ability to try and see things through another person's perspective isn't sung about much in popular music, it's usually about who's wrong or who's right or just breaking things off when the going gets tough. It's about seeking first to understand, and maybe through that find peace in the process.”

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While it certainly has the feel of a love song, the lessons in "Through Your Eyes" can be applied to any kind of relationship. Scroll down to get some food for thought, then head to your favorite retailer to make it a permanent part of your collection.

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