Little Dragon Asks Us To 'Hold On' For Upcoming Album 'New Me, Same Us'

When Little Dragon announced a 2020 tour last year, we just knew that they must have some new music coming soon. Turns out our suspicions were correct. The eclectic Swedish quartet indeed has a new album on the way, which they've officially revealed today. Titled New Me, Same Us, the set promises to be one of their best yet. To prove it, they've also dropped the album's lead single "Hold On."

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The soulful sound of "Hold On" is a departure from the dance music kick that they've been on for their last two projects — Season High and Lover Chanting — though it might not have started that way. "It started out as a slick house track but transformed once [bass player Fredrik Wallin] played the bass through it and we all worked it together," the group said in a press release. "It became something raw and soulful." That doesn't mean that it won't make you want to dance, though. Centered around Fred's slick bass groove, the song quite frankly bumps as it brims with good vibes and positive energy set to a driving beat and sweetened by Yukimi Nagano's silky vocal.

There will apparently be more of where that came from on the upcoming project. "This album has been the most collaborative for us yet, which might sound weird considering we’ve been making music together for all these years, but we worked hard at being honest, finding the courage to let go of our egos and be pieces of something bigger," they continued in the press statement. Like previous work, Yukimi's lyrics will be front and center. This time, however, it looks like they're more reflective of the group's own sentiments, with Little Dragon ending the press release saying, "We are all on our own personal journeys, full of change, yet still we stand united with stories we believe in that make us who we are."

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You can pre-order New Me, Same Us ahead of its March 27th release date here. But first, stay a little while to enjoy "Hold On" and stick around after to check out the album's tracklist.

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Little Dragon New Me, Same Us tracklist:

1. Hold On
2. Rush
3. Another Lover
4. Kids
5. Every Rain
6. New Fiction
7. Sadness
8. Are You Feeling Sad?
9. Where You Belong
10. Stay Right Here
11. Water

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