Mila J Gets In A Christmas Mood With Her ‘Holiday’ Album

In 2018, Mila J kept her fans very happy with a new EP each month, so it’s understandable that she’s been pretty quiet this year. But it turns out, she clocked some studio time after all. For those that like their Christmas music with a modern edge, the singer has come through with a new EP, appropriately titled Holiday.

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The album starts out with Trap-n-B anthem “Christmas is Here,” then Mila slows it all the way down with sultry ballad “All I Get For Christmas.” She shows appreciation for little things and lessons learned on “Thankful,” before rollin’ down the street to light up some “California Christmas Trees.” Lest you think she’s only about that “smoke” life, she gets philosophical on mid-tempo groove “Pray.” Jagged Edge took some time out of their productive year to create something special with Ms. Chilombo on “Season For Love.” The lovefest continues on “Mirror Mirror (Resolutions)” as she sings of self-acceptance before dancing into the new year with an ’80s-inspired groove called “The Countdown.”

Mila admits that she’s wanted to make a holiday album since she was a little girl. While it would’ve been fun to hear a festive collabo with her little sis Jhené Aiko, we’re glad to see/hear her dream realized and even happier to add some new original jams to our soul holiday playlist.

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