Johnny Gill & Ralph Tresvant Share The 'Perfect' Visual

Legendary singer Johnny Gill has teamed up with his New Edition bandmate Ralph Tresvant to remind us that they’ve still got panty-dropping vocals. Case in point, their collaboration "Perfect" is a sweet ballad that will have both someone’s mama and baby mama in their feelings.

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"Perfect" is a mid-tempo ballad about a woman who is, as you might have guessed, just right for them. "Your skin, your curves, your smile, that's on everything," Ralph coos in his sensitive falsetto. Against subtle keys, bass and inspired horns, Johnny lets the woman in his life know he sees all her perfections, whether her hair is done or not. "You know you got that soul glow," he sings. "I see your halo, in case you don't know.”

And just in case you can’t visualize what the fellas consider perfection, they’ve shared a video to show you just what they mean. The clip begins with comedian Alex Thomas greeting them as they show up to the video set. The guys are overwhelmed by the number of pretty ladies on set. But while the mansion is full of a number of models, the one the boys have their eye on is a curvy, curly-haired production assistant working behind the scenes. While the others are all dolled up with their hair and makeup done and lingerie on, the PA's beauty shines through in just a t-shirt and jeans. Just check out her smile as she hands someone their coffee or when arranging clothes on racks. Her laid-back beauty gets their attention and gets her the gig as the leading lady. When she steps through in her all-white Victoria's Secret ensemble, she’s a scene stealer — even when Thomas tries to be funny and take some of her shine.

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Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant might be R&B OGs at this point, but we should never doubt that they have what it takes to keep us listening and watching. Get an eyeful of what they (and their leading lady) have to offer in the video for "Perfect" right here.

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