James Blake Shows A Love Story For The Birds In 'I'll Come Too'

Though we often assume we're the only species that matters, love stories aren't just exclusive to humans. Leave it to the out-of-the-box singer-songwriter/producer James Blake to remind us of that notion. James is still spinning singles and videos from his most recent album Assume Form, and he offers a new visual with a clip for his track "I'll Come Too."

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Rather than give us what we were expecting (though, when has James Blake ever done that?), the artist turned to editor Matt Meech, who is best known for his work as an editor for nature films like Planet Earth, to direct. Meech then set out to put together unused footage of penguins and albatrosses in New Zealand to create a surprisingly fitting narrative for the song. The video is edited to show a sort of unrequited love affair between an albatross and a seemingly infatuated penguin. The penguin watches its albatross beloved as if transfixed by its beauty. But, alas, a love between the two could never be. The penguin eventually watches the albatross perform a mating dance with another albatross and walks away dejected. It's a bit heartbreaking, but don't worry. Our little guy eventually finds a love of its own in the wings of a fellow penguin that is more than happy to reciprocate its loving feelings.

"I remembered some footage that we didn’t use on Planet Earth II that I thought might be useful," Meech said in a press release. "Both birds look quirky, elegant and beautiful. The albatrosses have an unusual mating dance, which the penguins watch from afar and the mysterious backdrop of the Snares Island, off the coast of Southern New Zealand, is a truly unique landscape."

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Though this love story is a work of editing and imagination, you'll likely agree that it one that still rings true.

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