dvsn & Future Don’t Want ‘No Cryin’ In The Club

dvsn has been slowly creeping back on our radar thanks to recent singles “Miss Me?” and “In Between.” It’s left many wondering if we’ll soon be getting a new album from the OVO Sound duo. Well, their return looks to be officially official since they’ve released a video for their most recent single “No Cryin.”

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The song, which features Future (a little too heavily for our tastes if we’re being honest), is an anthem for ladies who are shedding heartbreak like dead weight and opting to move on with their lives. The video follows a familiar story of a woman leaving her man and ready to o go out for the night to bounce back. Our leading lady gets a supportive pep talk from Keke Palmer to help remind her that she’s a boss a** b***h and then decides to forget that buster with a night out at the club. That’s where she and her girls run into dvsn vocalist Daniel Daley and Future. Rather than trying to creep on our vulnerable homegirl, Daniel instead offers encouragement while reminding her that the club isn’t the place to shed tears over trife dudes. Fewtch, on the other hand, represents for the f**kboys with a verse that we guess is kind of on topic for the track while presiding over the night’s festivities in the VIP section. After a fun night, our girl is all smiles and sheds no tears as the video comes to a close.

The fellas of dvsn, which includes producer Nineteen85, haven’t served up any concrete details on what we can expect from their next effort. From what we’ve heard thus far, though, it’s shaping up to be something quite nice.

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