Queen Naija Shared Her ‘Good Morning Text’ At The 2019 Soul Train Awards

The Soul Train Awards has always been a showcase for not only the legends of soul and R&B but also the best and brightest of the next generation. So, it’s no coincidence that YouTube sensation turned R&B starlet Queen Naija was in attendance. The “Medicine” singer took to the 2019 Soul Train Awards stage to sing her ballad about love on the rocks, “Good Morning Text.”

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The performance started with Queen Naija standing backstage in a mirrored hallway lit by red and fluorescent lights. Once the bass dropped, Naija started the first verse, lamenting the state of her relationship. After warming things up, the singer sauntered her way to the main stage with her hand on her hip and attitude in full effect. Queen lived up to her name by looking regal in a long cream-colored robe and wide-legged pants with a sparkly bustier to top the ensemble off.  She held court with two dancers who occasionally joined her with complimentary choreography.

While Queen Naija looked great throughout her performance, you could hear a little bit of nervousness in her voice. The up-and-coming star pushed through, however, with her growing stage presence and undeniable talent shining through crystal clear.

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