Niia Wants 'Whatever You Got' & Unveils Upcoming 'II: La Bella Vita'

We just knew that talented songstress Niia was up to something when she dropped new singles "Face" and "If I Cared" earlier this year. Our suspicions then reached fever pitch when she very quietly dropped videos for each track last month. Well, before we could even question what exactly what was going on, Niia has made it official: she has a new album. II: La Bella Vita will be her follow up to the outstanding I and continue her longstanding working relationship with producer Robin Hannibal. Not only that, but the singer-songwriter also dropped yet another video for the set, this time bringing us a visual for upbeat track "Whatever You Got."

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"Whatever You Got," in no uncertain terms, is a bop. In fact, we're surprised it wasn't released in the summer as it has the perfect summertime feel. The combination of piano, guitar, synth and a bouncy rolling bass line — and, of course, Niia's dreamy vocals — would've been amazing to hear in the warmer months. However, its late fall release means that it injects a bit of sunshine into the gray of the season as the singer lets us know that she's down for a fling. "'Cause I need a little bit of you in my life / To get away from me and my mind / You can go ahead and waste all my time," she sings about her reasoning.

That devil-may-care attitude is reflected in the video as well, with the opening moments catching her in mid-tryst. Soon, she's zooming around in high fashion on the backs of motorcycles, partying on rooftops and basically living her best life in the fast lane.

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From the sound and look of things, we think Niia might've just done it again. We'll officially find out when II: La Bella Vita drops on February 14th. Get into the video and the album's tracklist below.

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Niia II: La Bella Vita tracklist:

1. No Light (Intro)
2. Whatever You Got
3. Obsession
4. Sad Boys
5. Black Dress
6. Coppola In Black
7. Positano (Interlude)
8. Face
9. If I Cared
10. La Bella Vita
11. Like You Do
12. If you won’t marry me right now
13. Cup of Trouble

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