JSOUL Invites Us To Explore His ‘Neutronic Suite’

One of the first things we’re taught about cultivating a social circle is to be selective about “the company you keep.” It’s typically packaged as a warning, but it can also be considered a high compliment, particularly in the music industry. And judging by the caliber of his comrades, it’s clear that there’s something special about JSOUL.

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As a singer/songwriter/musician/producer, the Baltimore native has spent several years honing his craft and creating quality music. From the time he began releasing albums back in 2008, he’s always been surrounded by a talented group of friends – people like Eric Roberson, Julie Dexter, Carol Riddick, Debórah Bond, Natalie “The Floacist” Stewart, Substantial and W. Ellington Felton, to name a few. This cynosure continues with his new album Neutronic Suite.

The artist describes his latest project as “a journey through music…using the principles of a Neutron star to symbolize the end of one Life span and the creation of a new and beautiful journey.” Fusing genres and kneading sounds to portray his transformation from vocalist to producer, JSOUL takes us on an interstellar trek in search of peace and artistic freedom.

Along the 12-song voyage, he is joined by fellow sonic explorers like our girl Sy Smith. We gave you a preview of her otherworldly vocals back in September with our exclusive premiere of “Shine.”  Additionally, she appears on “Motherland Star” with Baltimore-based trumpet player Theljon Allen. Mr. Allen’s mellifluous horn can also be heard on “The Element of Light,” which features the ethereal stylings of Debórah Bond. Erro uses his signature vocals to bring positive affirmations on “Become Neu,” while Substantial spits poetic proclamations on “Departure.” Finally, respected Japanese composer/producer Uyama Hiroto entices us to bask in the warmth of his futuristic soul on “Sunset” and its subsequent reprise, “the Beauty created.”

Even with this caliber of star power, JSOUL still leaves room for his own light to shine on tracks like “Arrival in A.D.,” “Surface,” “Dream” and “Lotus Flower.”  Scroll down to stream the transcendent set and support independent music by downloading a copy of Neutronic Suite today. Vinyl lovers can pre-order via Diggers Factory.

JSOUL Neutronic Suite [Amazon][Apple Music][Google Play][Bandcamp]

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