DAWN Shows Off Her 'Slim Thicc' Figure For Her 'Papi'

After reuniting with her bandmates in Danity Kane, singer-songwriter DAWN returns to the solo spotlight. But instead of delivering the electro-funky groove of past projects, DAWN instead digs more into her Caribbean/world music bag to deliver a duo of percolating bops, "Slim Thicc" and "Ay Papi."

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"Slim Thicc," produced by featured artist TRAKGIRL, is about a woman of pleasurable proportions who knows how to wind what her mama gave her. "We come from a land of kings / It’s OK to be cocky / The way you move your waist," she sings on the track island-tinged track. Meanwhile, "Ay Papi" has DAWN feeling some kind of way. "Never had love, always had more to shine / Then you showed up and everything started to change / I swear its magic when we kiss / I swear its magic when we f**k,” she coos over flamenco horns and synths. But she's not the only one who's sprung as rapper Brooke Candy joins her on the song and tells us that her man "call me Sea Biscuit the way that I ride it."

For the video, directed by Monty Marsh, DAWN shows off her impressive dance skills both solo and with different groups of dancers against a white backdrop. DAWN also shows off a couple different outfits, including a few black-and-white bare midriff looks for her dance numbers, a silver bathing suit with matching jacket and heels, a super-tight strapless plastic pink number  and a tasteful nude look where her body is covered in pearls. Each of these sequences are enhanced by subtle yet colorful animations and lighting.

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Hit play below to watch DAWN strut all her slim thicc-ness for her papi.

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