Victoria Monét Shows Us How She Got An ‘Ass Like That’

They say that summer bodies are built in the winter. If that’s true, then we’d all better get a jumpstart for Summer 2020. Our girl Victoria Monét is all about that life. She’s giving us a bit of a tutorial about how to get it right and tight with her new single “Ass Like That.” Even better, she’s showing off her workout regimen and its results in the track’s lyric video, too.

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“Ass Like That” finds Victoria — whom we last heard on bestie Ariana Grande‘s “Monopoly” — personifying her love affair with the gym. “Met him about two months ago,” the singer-songwriter sings. “He said his name was Gym / And that he’d make me better than before.” She then goes into detail about all the things that Gym makes her do over a smooth, head-nod-worthy R&B groove. Yep, she does her everyday squats and she treats her calories like weed (she “burns that s**t”). In other words, you’d better not say that she’s gotten any kind of injection or implant. She proves what she sings in the track’s lyric video, which has a retro vibe. She evokes the workout tapes and exercise trends of the ’70s and ’80s in the clip — which puts a lot of focus on every curve of her heavenly body. We must admit that whatever she’s doing in the gym has her looking some kind of right and we’re not mad at her for taking pride in her accomplishments.

Rumor has it that “Ass Like That” is just a taste of what’s to come from Victoria Monét’s next project. She’ll also have a spot on the soundtrack for the upcoming Charlie’s Angels reboot. Based on this, we’re ready to hear more. We suggest you take a peek a the lyric video below while we go make it do what it do at our local fitness club.

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