The Hamiltones Don’t Want You To Find Yourself ‘Alone’

The Hamiltones have been on a roll all year. Their debut EP Watch The Ton3s has been warmly received, they’ve had the opportunity to tour with the project and they’ve made a name for themselves apart from the group’s namesake Anthony Hamilton. GRAMMY nominees J. Vito, Tony Lelo and 2E have put in the work, and they’re nowhere near done. To keep the momentum going, the trio has released a new music video for the track “Alone” from their EP.

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The song, co-produced by KP of The Colleagues and Blanco Brown, finds The Tones sharing a message of loving yourself before loving someone else or you’ll find yourself by yourself. For the video shot and directed by The Last American B-Boy, who was behind the camera on their previous visual for “Best Friend,” the guys are seen singing on a pier along the waterfront. While they take turns on lead vocals and bop along to the soulful number, on another section of the pier a woman in on a bad date at a carnival. Things seem cool at first between the couple. We see them hugged up for a photo, but then the dude pushes her out of the way to take a selfie and later almost breaks his neck to stare down a chick walking by. The most egregious moment happens when our leading lady goes to get some food and returns to see the guy and the broad he was staring at conversing and exchanging numbers. A brief confrontation happens and the guy gets mad and goes off on our girl. Instead of returning the anger, however, she takes the abuse and stands there looking pitiful. Whew chillay! She should have listened to The Hamiltones’ “Alone” before she left the house because she can do bad all by herself.

The narrative of the “Alone” video is a cautionary tale to love yourself first so that you won’t put up with anything less than the best treatment from anyone else. Press play to watch the story play out, and if you’re easily triggered by f**kboy behavior, you’ve been warned.

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