Shay Lia Hopes Love Comes Out In The Wash In ‘Good Together’

Shay Lia got into her bag this year with the release of her EP Dangerous this past May. The set featured quite a few jams to be heard, including the title track and a few other choice cuts. However, while we always enjoy her music, we rarely get to see what she does visually. She’s putting an end to that right now by dropping a video for Dangerous track “Good Together.”

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A laundromat isn’t the first place you think of as a romantic setting but it seems to work just fine for Shay Lia. That’s where the Caraz-directed video focuses on while the track’s opening chords are heard as the singer, rocking a cropped orange turtleneck, sits her basket of clothes down. She soon spots a guy who tickles her fancy. He does it so much for her that Shay throws caution to the wind and starts dancing around the washers and dryers as customers try to go about their day. When the guy doesn’t seem to be getting the hint, she takes it further by literally hopping up on the washers and crooning to him. Her efforts finally put a smile on his face and get her some up close and personal time with her wash-and-dry boo (and even inspire a loving gesture or two among the other customers) before they head out into the night together.

The video is a super cute one that shows that a simple concept can go a long way when it’s executed well. Hopefully this won’t be the last visual we’ll get from Shay Lia’s Dangerous. If it is, though, it’s the perfect one to represent just how good the EP feels.

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