Aquildawud’s Next Single Is One ‘For The Lovers’

We may be just getting to know Aquildawud as an artist, but we’re already falling in love with him. Our first hint of the beginning of this affair came with the release of his debut single “Summer Day.” Though he may come from with a soulful pedigree, the budding soul star made a name for himself with the track and its college-themed music video. Now, Aquildawud is ready to venture into more grown territory with his follow-up single “For The Lovers.”

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Aquildawud taps into a bit of ’70s soul on the new groove — with a warm and sensual bass line, soft keys and other elements reminding us of the satiny feel of that era’s slow jams. While things are definitely sounding steamy on the music front, the singer-songwriter actually keeps things innocent and romantic on the lyrical front. “This song’s for the lovers / That love all on each other / That stay awake and talk all night long,” he sings on the chorus. While we aren’t necessarily thinking about *ahem* talking when we hear something like this, we can definitely appreciate the song’s sweet sentiment as well as his rather wholesome approach to love.

He’s just two songs in and already we’re enamored. Just imagine what a full-length project from Aquildawud would have in store. We’ll ponder on that possibility while you take a listen to his latest.

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