Taylor McFerrin Offers A Late Night Lo-Fi Experience In ‘LOVE AND DISTANCE’

We were thrilled earlier this summer when we discovered that the multi-talented Taylor McFerrin would be gracing us with his brand-new album Love’s Last Chance. That excitement only grew with the set’s arrival late last month. Though we pretty much love everything about it, we soon discovered tracks that we just gravitated to over and over again. One such track was gripping single “LOVE AND DISTANCE.” The melancholy love song had a dreamy quality that we just can’t get enough of — especially now that the song has an accompanying video that perfectly captures its mood.

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The song itself evokes the feeling of ’80s R&B without being a direct rip of the sounds that became the decades hallmarks. It’s fitting then that the video does something similar visually. Rather than going high definition, director Simon Benjamin delights in the use of a grittier, lo-fi feel the reminds us of watching footage on a VHS tape. This, along with artful lighting and Taylor’s own performance, sets the tone and mood of things perfectly. Speaking of Taylor, he’s in the clip front and center from beginning to end, with the video depending almost solely on his delivery of the track. Taylor definitely sells it, at times even channeling a bit of Marvin Gaye as he looks longingly at the camera while singing of trying to overcome the growing distance in a relationship.

With his vocals and the video’s feel, it’ll be hard no to get lost in this one. Hopefully you can pull yourself away long enough to peek below and see Taylor McFerrin’s recently announced dates for his upcoming US tour, kicking off on September 25th in his native Los Angeles. Ticket information for these dates and a host of others can be found via Taylor’s own website.


Taylor McFerrin US Tour Dates
9/25 – Los Angeles, CA – The Moroccan Lounge
9/27 – Monterey, CA – Monterey Jazz Fest
9/28 – Oakland, CA – The New Parish
10/1 – Seattle, WA – Barboza
10/2 – Portland, OR – The Jack London Revue
10/15 – Washington, DC – Songbyrd Music House
10/16 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade NYC
10/24 – Austin, TX – Radio Milk

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