Monica Rallies For 'Commitment' On Black Girls Rock! 2019

Photo Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images for BET

Monica led a march on Black Girls Rock! 2019. No, she wasn't fighting for an award, but she did fight for women and led a protest for the men in their lives to get some act right during her performance of "Commitment."

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The performance of Monica's hit single began with black-and-white footage of women marching and holding signs high that read "We Want Commitment" while loudly chanting the same. The camera panned out to show even more women marching down the aisles holding the same signs. They marched up on stage to surround the singer who stood tall on a round platform as she sang her song about the basic things she needs and wants in a man. Monica sounded incredible as ever and looked it, too, in a striking black jumpsuit with huge balloon sleeves and dramatic eye makeup. She didn't need any dancers or to do anything extra; her soaring live vocals were more than enough to set Black Girls Rock! 2019 off and keep her fans satisfied.

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