Masego Shows Love To 'Big Girls' On New Single

Curvy. Thick. Plus-sized. Full-figured. Whatever terms you choose to describe them, women with a little (or a lot of) meat on their bones are in fashion and in demand. Look no further than the top of the charts, where the pleasantly plump Lizzo sits pretty at No. 1 for the second week in a row on Billboard's Hot 100. Plus model Ashley Graham stays booked, busy and blessed. And we can't forget singer/actress/forever bae Jill Scott with her big fine self. These women and many more in the body positive movement challenge narrow-minded notions of what is considered beautiful, sexy and appealing and proudly flaunt their curves and extra weight.

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Women are leading the movement, but there are a handful of male artists who haven't been afraid to praise their shapely sistren in their music over the years. There's Sir Mix-a-Lot on his classic "Baby Got Back," De La Soul's "Baby Phat" and Anthony Hamilton with "Sista Big Bones," to name a few. Now there's a new jam to jiggle your jelly to courtesy of Masego who has fashioned an ode to body positivity on his new single "Big Girls."

Inspired by a vivacious group of voluptuous women called the "Big Girls Crew" who were the life of the party at a club he went to one night in Nairobi, Masego flipped that experience in Kenya into "Big Girls." All of the action takes place at the fictional "Cake Club," and he sets the scene with a thumping upright bass intro. The party starts when the Afro-house beat drops in, and the bass line is accentuated by percussion and synths. "Ladies are large, they look amazing in here," Uncle Sego shows love on the first verse before encouraging all the women who've brought their thick milkshakes to the yard to get loose on the dance floor. There's a slight tempo change leading into the bridge and Ivana Nwokike of VanJess slides through to add some sensual adlibs to the track. On the bridge, Masego repeats the infamous refrain from the Baltimore Club classic "Watch Out For The Big Girl" before channeling his Jamaican roots to shout out "all the fluffy gyal dem" on the outro.

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"Big Girls" is Masego's first new song of 2019, following remixes that he's dropped this year for "Lady Lady" and "Queen Tings." Could this single signal that we'll be getting a follow-up to his debut album Lady Lady soon? Join us while we cross our fingers, and add Masego's "Big Girls" to your playlists and collections from the digital music provider of your choice now.

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