Kiana Ledé Gets 'Heavy' On Black Girls Rock! 2019

Photo Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for BET

The Black Girls Rock! Awards don't only recognize Black women who've paid their dues, done the work and rose to the top of their respective fields, but it gives a platform to future leaders and up-and-coming artists. One of the rising stars who they invited to perform at Black Girls Rock! 2019 was 22-year-old singer/actress Kiana Ledé who brought the drama with her performance of "Heavy."

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On the song, Kiana addresses her mental health struggles with anxiety and depression head-on and gave viewers a glimpse into her world for her Black Girls Rock! performance. Showing that life isn't all glitz, glamour and what you see on the 'Gram, she sat on the mostly dark stage on a leather couch across from a woman dressed in a suit taking notes. The scene was set to mimic a therapy session, and the spotlight was on Kiana as she launched into "Heavy," singing the emotional lyrics while looking downtrodden. Ledé eventually got up from the couch to walk over to a bed where there was a woman laying down. As Kiana stood there singing, the woman dragged herself up to stand on the bed before curling back up as Kiana walked off. As she stood center stage, Kiana was joined by the two women who danced in the shadows to the somber tune.

Kiana Ledé's performance was a bit depressing and a departure from the usually uplifting and fun fare seen on Black Girls Rock! Awards show telecasts. Nonetheless, it was well done and will hopefully get people talking about Black women's mental health.

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