Inayah Lamis Sings The Scandalous Praises Of Her 'Suga Daddy'

Houston-based singer Inayah Lamis has made a knack for combining humor, talent and storytelling into her music. She first made a name for herself on social media after sharing her take to Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up,” as well as humorous original songs like “N.A.S. (Ni**as Ain’t S**t).” But what’s really struck a chord with fans and stans across the web has been her cheeky little ditty “Suga Daddy,” an ode to men of a certain age who can put it down better than their younger counterparts.

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Inayah crafts an engaging story of lust on "Suga Daddy." She's hanging with her old bae at a bar and has one too many adult beverages. Next thing you know, he takes her back to his place and it's on and popping. To hear Inayah tell it, “that old ma'f***a put my legs behind my head” and “made a b***h come faster than Amazon Prime.” Well, then! Sis went from talking about Pop-Pop's age to laying it low and spreading it wide real quick. While the lyrics are very ratchet and quite salacious, you’ll find yourself chuckling at her candor and bopping to the engaging beat.

In addition to the song, Lamis also released an animated lyric video, which became a bit of a viral hit. Now she’s sharing a live-action video, with her love interest looking exactly like the zaddy from the animated clip. The official visual starts with Inayah lounging in bed on the phone with her good girlfriend, telling her the story of how she met up with her man and detailing what went down. The scene then changes to Inayah arriving at old boy's modern home. We watch as he wines and dines her before sitting that ass on the kitchen counter and romancing her all around his gorgeous house.

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If you like your men aged like a fine wine and equipped with banging skills bedroom or are a brotha who falls in that category, then you'll get a kick outta "Suga Daddy" as much as we have.

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