Aquildawud Goes Back To School For Love In ‘Summer Day’

There are enough musical dynasties that prove that apples never fall too far from the trees they came from. Still, we were more than surprised to see Aquildawud come around with his debut single “Summer Day” earlier this year — though that wasn’t because of talent as much as it was that we’d first seen him as a youngster. Yep, he’s the son of Kindred The Family Soul‘s Aja Graydon and Fatin Dantzler (and is even seen as a toddler on the cover of one of their singles). Now that we know that he’s inherited the singing bug from his folks, we get to see him in action in the video for “Summer Day.”

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Aquildawud channels his real-life experience as a college student in the video. With summer effectively over and classes in full swing, he finds himself with a love hangover that’s distracting him from his duties. He walks the campus in a haze, never looking up from his phone as he awaits the next text from his love. To give proof of how oblivious he is, we’re shown him ignoring greetings from friends and completely disregarding his RA job as rambunctious freshmen break the fraternization rules. It’s all good, though, as long as he can text with his boo and tell her how much he misses her. Ah, young love!

As we mentioned, “Summer Day” is Aquildawud’s debut single and video. If this is the beginning, we can only imagine what else he’s got in store.

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