The Shindellas Give Us 'Chills' Once Again

Known for their sassy harmonies, straightforward lyrics, sophisticated poise and retro-chic styles, The Shindellas have strategically sashayed and slayed their way from background vocalists to being considered "artists to watch" in 2019. The trio of Stacy Johnson, Tamara Williams and Kasi Jones are the reigning queens of Louis York's Weirdo Workshop label; and after generating buzz with their rousing live performances and an EP's-worth of singles, the music world is ready for these sangin' sisters to deliver an album. Rumor has it that our wish will be granted before the end of the year. In the meantime, however, they've dropped the visuals for their current single "Chills."

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Directed by Jeremy Ryan, the captivating clip begins by throwing us a stylish curveball as the ladies rock sleek, futuristic looks – a departure from their usual vintage glam. Their signature style returns partway through the video with eye-popping neon hues, but honestly, they're stunning no matter what they wear. More importantly, their pristine sound and overall chemistry deserves our undivided attention. A trio of dancers helps the group drive home their message that nothing less than an extraordinary kind of love will do.

Tam, who sings the song's main lead, provides some insight on the concept of "Chills," explaining that it's "all about freedom of expression and being empowered to surround myself by the people and things that invoke, welcome and celebrate that freedom. In my world, it’s an inalienable right. There’s life, liberty and the pursuit of 'Chills.'" Stacy adds, "'Chills' is a call to action for quality, stimulating and appealing relationships. We have limited time to connect with each other. Taking care to teach, learn and share thought-provoking and arousing moments and memories is important in this song."

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Watch The Shindellas deliver "Chills" below and download your copy of the single while we eagerly await their official debut album.

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